What is The Business Card Scene in American Psycho About?

Some movie scene stay with us forever people are still fond of watching decades after their release, one such movie is American Psycho starring Christian Bale as the lead this movie went on to become one of the most classic movies ever, there are several iconic scenes that are still used as reference point and the business card scene is amazing one as well, it is so fascinating that a lot of videos have been made on that one particular scene and there is great significance of the scene as well. The scene might have a different meaning and message for the audience which we will discuss but it also goes to show the importance of having amazing business cards at that time and that nobody could argue with, Metal Kards is a service provider that we found online which does provide some iconic designs just like the ones in discussion in the movie.

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Coming back to the scene, it was at the Pierce & Pierce conference room during a nondescript meeting where it all took place and it is all started when Paul Allen takes out his business card and gives it to an associate, then Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale takes out his card and braggingly places on the table hoping to get all the attention, but it is countered a few decent alternatives and the lack of attention to his card leaves him astonished, he even questions his associates’ taste and choice, the scene ends where Patrick is seen staring at Paul Allen’s card in anger and sweating all over while talking to himself, the iconic scene shows how petty and superficial the character is and valuing petty details and wanting everyone to consider him the best.