The Schriber Acoustic SA-1C is a professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone featuring three user-selectable polar patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional. Designed for maximum flexibility in a variety of professional settings, the SA-1C employs an advanced pressure-gradient transducer cartridge. An externally biased Dual 3-micron vapor-deposited gold diaphragm and extremely low self-noise allow accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sounds and high-frequency signals which are often not easily reproduced by conventional large-diaphragm transducers. Equally important is the microphone's ability to handle very high sound-pressure levels with accuracy and ease.

The microphone's characteristics allow it to be confidently used in a large variety of diverse settings. The warm, rich sound of the microphone makes it ideal for the accurate, natural reproduction of voice and acoustic instruments, yet its switchable internal pad and high SPL capability allow it to flawlessly handle loud sound sources such as drums and amplified guitars. Even under the stringent demands of modern digital recording systems a favorable performance can be obtained.

In addition to its excellent electrical characteristics the Schriber Acoustic SA-1C also incorporates noteworthy physical features which are designed to ensure years of reliable service. The beautifully finished housing is ruggedly constructed from hardened steel. The integrated three-stage "pop" protection grille is heat-treated to resist damage from accidental drops or misuse and the internal and external connectors are gold-plated to maintain optimum signal integrity.

The SA-1C is available with two levels of accessories. The basic kit includes a custom locking aluminum hard-case with custom fitted foam interior, an oversize windscreen and a hi-grade 15' XLR cable. The deluxe package includes all the basic kit accessories PLUS an SA-SM1 suspension isolation mount, SA-SM200 stand swivel mount, and the SA-PH1 worldwide phantom power supply. The retail value of these accessories alone is $350, making the deluxe package an outstanding value.


  SA-1C-FK - Pro Tri-Pattern Large Diaphragm Cond. Mic w/full kit. . . . . . . . . . . . $399.95